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As a technical-profile translation agency, we provide a wide range of language and communication-related services, based on a customer-oriented and quality-aimed philosophy. We employ only selected and fully professional translators, with proved technical ability and knowledge, comprising chosen lines of science, industry or business. Linguistic expertise and an affinity with computer translation technology, and tools, are also a must for our staff.


We translate all kinds of technical documentation, user's manuals, product or spare part catalogues, and multi-disciplinary projects, including: mechanical, electrical, work safety, maintenance, quality assurance, local or European technical and environmental standards, management procedures, and other aspects.


Text conversion, complex formatting, computer graphics.


MS Word  ·  MS PowerPoint  ·  MS Excel  ·  MS Access  ·  Novel/Corel  ·  WordPerfect  ·  Adobe FrameMaker  · Adobe PageMaker  ·  Microsoft Front Page  ·  Acrobat Reader  ·  Acrobat 5.0  ·  MS FrontPage ·  HTML  ·  Adobe PDF  ·   Quick Silver Interleaf  Trados 6  XML  ·   HTMLHelp, etc.

Any formats available upon agreement.